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You want them to have a lot of best friend qualities, but you want to make sure that you have the spice and passion that you wouldn't have with your best friend.

You want the relationship to be one step beyond that.

She's currently launching several projects of her own, not to mention getting ready for her favorite holiday: Halloween (she's keeping mum on her costume for now! Recently, I had the chance to catch up with her in the midst of her promoting Durex's new "Get A Room" campaign.

She was super chatty and definitely willing to share a little love insight:.

The trip turned into a three-day stay, and made Bridget decide she needed to move for good... A few months later, she was invited to stay at Hef's place, where she would spend the next seven and a half years, eventually rising into the spotlight as one of Hef's main ladies on . After her relationship with Hef ended, Bridget found love with director Nicholas Carpenter, whom she met, interestingly enough, at the mansion.

Bridget Marquardt is engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Nick Carpenter, and she took to Instagram to announce the happy news to her fans. " While it could easily be a holiday joke, the blonde bombshell is a fan of Halloween -- and it would be very fitting for her have an engagement ring in the shape of a black widow.

true, it's that Bridget is indeed as sweet as the girl next door.

She just happens to have a slightly less than conventional story: Back in the day, she went to L. (even though she was married at the time) to visit the mansion in hopes of becoming a Playmate.

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