Her works question the conditions of appearance of an image in the context of contemporary visual culture in which images, representations and ideas normally function.

Johanna Svallingson currently lives and works in Gothenburgh, Sweden.

The initial interviews were conducted by Business Sweden, and from this process ten candidates were selected for final interviews together with Systemair’s Director for Business Development, Mr. “We are very happy with how Business Sweden handled the recruitment.

We have recruited many times before and have a clear target profile.

“Sharing office with Business Sweden not only comes with the benefits that a serviced office offers, but also provides a shared working space where we can interact with other hosted companies of similar business profiles, hence sharing market ideas,” says Damaris Kola.

Systemair is pleased with the recruitment and the results from their increased presence in East Africa, which has led to growing sales in the region.

Damaris is today sharing office with Business Sweden in Nairobi.

We’re one of the best employers in the industry with the awards and recognition to prove it.

You’ll have the opportunity to explore flexible work arrangements and partner with impressive customers.

In order to reach potential candidates, Business Sweden utilised their network in the region and advertised in job advert websites, industry specific organisations and forums, university alumni organisations and social media including Linked In.

Business Sweden also carried out a targeted headhunt for the specific profile that was defined.

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