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Kandi said she believed that Porsha was lying to cover up things she didn’t want people to know about her. “I’m not out here telling your business, but if you want to go there, Kandi, it is what it is,” she shouted. Porsha insisted she’d never said that and Kandi was lying.

While she loved the bling, she said it wasn’t enough to get Todd out of the doghouse this time.“Now you need to focus on your life postdivorce,” Phaedra’s attorney advised.Phaedra seemed to have mixed emotions about the news and promptly began to cry.Porsha Lays Down the Law for Todd Porsha was still trying to figure things out with her maybe-boyfriend, Todd Stewart.She admitted there had been “distance” between them and said she was worried that he wasn’t actually ready for a “mature adult relationship” like she was, even though he said he wanted the same thing.

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