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Does asking for 0 or more really tell you that much about a person’s ultimate agenda? Given the value of her time, and her standard of lifestyle, 0 doesn’t seem like a lot anymore.

Another female user wrote back telling me she makes more money on her regular day job than she would getting 0 for a first date. In fact, any man unwilling to offer her 0 for the date would not measure up to her lifestyle, and therefore would not be her type.

or offers are more likely to offend than impress.

* If you don’t want to be rejected, ask the other person to name their price by Winking.

Ortiz and Jameson have never appeared in an adult video together.

There are a lot of desperate men who will do pretty much anything to get some attention from women.

Here at Taboophonefuck, We pride ourselves in being different than any and all adult phone chat sites out there.

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For example, if a guy who is super handsome and whose profile description matches what you are looking for to a tee, it’s likely you may accept a offer from him.

Whereas someone who isn’t initially attractive may warrant a higher first date price.

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