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In the end I told him to just wait where he was and I would come and get him.

So picture that this 'date' was now nearly 2 hours behind schedule, I have somewhere else to be, I haven't eaten cause I've been polite and waited for this guy to arrive, and I'm now having to go find him - getting any indication of my mood by this point in time?

Fortunately I'd been talking to the guy over the phone for a couple of weeks and he was good enough to put me up for the night. So anyway, Mr Malta had given me his number, and I texted him the day before the scheduled date so that he had mine.Always a good idea to have an exit strategy, though I probably don't do this enough.I once had a first date in the city with a guy I met online, and back then I didn't know the city as well as I do now and wasn't careful about where I parked my car."If you're single, drop everything and read this book.It will completely change dating for you as you know it.

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